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Travel Consultation


Planning a trip to a destination for the first time can be very tedious. Our travel consultation is best for travelers who want a little extra help along the way. 

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Our Travel Consultation includes:

  • 40 minute discussion of your pending trip 

  • Pre-Trip Questionnaire to gauge your trip plans

  • Review of possible destinations & restrictions/curfews

  • Recommendations for traveling 

  • Q & A Session

  • General Itinerary

Travel Consultation Fee: $150

Once your travel consultation is completed, you may choose to upgrade to one of our planning services:

  • Plan & Book My Entire Trip 

  • Book my flights 

  • Plan my itinerary

How It Works

1. Pay for your Consultation below and input your desired consultation date. ​Please read our terms and conditions prior to submitting your payment.

2. You will receive a travel consultation meeting link to your email 24hrs to 1 hr prior to our consultation meeting time.

Select an option for your consultation

Thanks for submitting! We are ready to schedule your consultation!


This service is categorized as a travel consultation. Funds paid directly to Whereisbree LLC are for the services listed in the inclusions section of your chosen service and explained above. 

Service Terms & Conditions

Full payment of travel consultation service is required to consult about your travels. 
Please note, Travel consultations should not exceed 45 minutes maximum from start of consultation. Any information discussed during a travel consultation should only serve as a general suggestion for traveling. Travelers should use travel advice, tips, suggestions or any information discussed during their travel consultation at their own discretion. 

Release of Liability

I, and my guests realize that travel outside my state and the United States of America involves risk of personal injury, death, or 
property damage. I understand that certain risks are inherent in domestic and international travel and that I fully accept those risks which may include, but are not limited to, war, quarantine, civil unrest, disobedience or terrorism, public health risks, exposure to communicable diseases, wild and domestic animals, criminal activity such as assault, kidnapping and theft, adverse weather conditions and natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, windstorms and floods, animal attack, insect and animal bites, ill effects of unfamiliar food and water, incidents related to ground, air or water transportation to include motor vehicle collisions and plane crashes, injuries or damage to property, and other physical, mental, and emotional injury. I fully assume personal responsibility for the consequences of the enumerated risks, including the risk of catastrophic injury or death, and all other potential hazards which may arise in connection with my travel domestically and internationally, which may result in injury, death, or damage to property. I understand that WHERE IS BREE LLC is not responsible for my safety and I knowingly and voluntarily agree to assume any and all risks associated with traveling to the above-described destination. 
Read our Service Terms and Conditions here.

Refund Policy

All payments and deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. No exceptions will be made to this policy for any reason.  Due to the current

health situation, it is recommended that all travelers purchase travel insurance within their discretion to cover any trip emergencies, family or medical issues, and for trip cancellation. 

Due to the nature of the services received as well as reservations and bookings, your funds are nonrefundable. Once services are rendered, reservations and bookings have been secured and finalized with other tour, activity, accommodations and service operators no changes can be made. Should a refund be requested, WHERE IS BREE LLC and the vendor’s cancellation and refund policies will apply.

*By Submitting a payment and/or deposit, you (the client) acknowledge you agree to and have read the Where Is Bree LLC Service Terms & Conditions, Release of Liability, and Refund Policy.

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